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Voehl Construction Inc. has a wide range of experience in structural masonry in New Construction, Remodels and Repair applications and we can provide the very best results. 

Our experience includes:
Voehl Construction Inc. installs block walls, block basements and block foundations for residential and commercial projects
Block Foundations - The harsh Minnesota winters make it necessary for frost footings to keep your structure from moving as the ground freezes and thaws.  Standard frost footing depth in Minnesota is 42" below grade.  If the space is excavated a crawl space is created.  In new construction projects one of the most economical ways to add usable space is to continue deeper to create a full basement.

Full Block Basement - A Full Block Basement can yield usable living space (or future living space) at a fraction of the cost of adding additional floors higher.  Basement living space is also more economical to heat and cool than upper levels.

Additions - An addition to your home can be built with simple frost footings or a full basement, whichever better fits your project requirements and budget.  In addition to the installation of a full basement area under a new addition a transition is needed between the new basement area and the existing basement, unless there is no existing one.

Basement Additions - A Full Block Basement can be erected below an existing structure.  Whether you have no basement, a crawl space or an old field stone foundation we can transform that space into usable living space.  This is an excellent alternative when outward and upward expansion are not possible.

Basement Height Alterations - Some older construction created unusable basement space with ceiling heights below todays standards.  Basement ceiling heights can be altered by raising the structure and adding height and creating usable space.  In other applications you may wish to go lower.  Have you ever thought of adding a sport court  in your basement?  It can and has been done.

Basement Wall Repair - When structural integrity is compromised your entire foundation can be repaired or replaced.

Voehl Construction Inc. is who can replace my foundation  

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  Voehl Construction Inc. is who can repair my foundation
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